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Terms & Conditions

Secure Online Delivery of Flowers


You can place your order:

  • online by putting the product in the shopping cart
  • by e-mailing will reply between 08-21h)

Also, we do not take responsibility for falsely given data or spelling errors.


Our prices are calculated according to the time of delivery and address. On special occasions, such as Valentine or Mother’s Day, the prices are higher than usual. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee lower prices for long-term pre-orders for these holidays.


Some products (plants and flowers) may be poisonous or harmful, please do not eat. We do not take any responsibility.

Our products are subject to availability, and in situation of limited supply, we can substitute a product of similar or equivalent quality and value. However, when there is enough time, we will consult you and offer varieties.

In cases where we are unable to supply the product or a substitute, we will notify you as soon as possible and refund your payment no later than 30 days. Meanwhile, due to sensitivity and vulnerability, floral and glass products cannot be returned. We always ensure that we offer fresh flowers of best quality, and prior to delivery, we take a picture of the product to show you the quality. The picture is sent by email within 24 hrs. However, this could take up to 48 hrs on very busy days, and the products are delivered in perfect shape. The recipient will be required to acknowledge this on the delivery sheet.

Also, we attach small chocolates, elegant message card, and a sachet of flower food to every bouquet as a gift.

Time of delivery

Pre-order deliveries are completed between 7:00 – 20:45! And we also accept on-day deliveries from 8 until 10 am GMT!


In fact, fast products can be delivered within a space of 6 hours! . Orders for slow products must be placed at least two days in advance prior to intended delivery date. Some products might delay due to the time required to prepare them.

When your order is received and accepted, we will notify you through email confirmation. If the product is unavailable for the chosen date, we will either consult you for a new date, or make a refund.

You can choose a preferred time of delivery during the order process, and we will make sure your order is delivered at that time. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time due to weather conditions or traffic problems. Please make sure you place your order at least a working day before the preferred delivery date. This will help us meet your preference. Please also note that we cannot take responsibility for traffic problems or bad weather conditions.

There is an extra charge for Sunday, night, or early morning delivery (1000Ft) (Except Valentine’s,  Mother’s, or Women’s day)


When placing your order, you will be required to provide your personal details, including the intended recipient details, postcode, and other relevant payment information.

By clicking “complete order” on the Order Form, you consent to be bound by our terms of service.

Submitting the form is subject to our acceptance, and we will not consider ourselves bound by a contract with you. Meanwhile, if we are unable to accept your order, we will notify you via email as soon as possible, and make a refund. In this case, the customer will bear the transaction costs. Please note that we do not accept Order Forms from customers under 18 years old.

We only deliver paid orders.

Payment methods
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Draft
  • Postal Cheque